FastComet Coupon, Discount & Promo Codes

Updated June 2020

I've updated the FastComet coupon list for June. These hosting coupons will save you 10% to 70% on most FastComet plans.

FastComet offers explosive web hosting starting around $2.95 per month. I have more info on FastComet and how to use their coupons under the promo code table below.

Popular FastComet Coupons for 2020

70% off Shared Web Hosting REVIVE70
Use Coupon
20% off Managed VPS Hosting REVIVE20
Use Coupon
10% off When Upgrading Plans UPGRADE10
Use Coupon
20% off Dedicated Servers REVIVE20
Use Coupon

How to Use FastComet Coupon Codes

Step 1: After you visit FastComet and select a hosting plan, enter a domain name to register and use with your new hosting plan.

Click Use This Domain to continue.

FastComet Coupon Code Step 1

NOTE: If you already have a domain name registered elsewhere, click on I Already Have a Domain and enter that domain to continue.

Step 2: On the next screen, enter all your information such as name, address, email and password. You can also change your hosting plan or terms under this section.

After your basic information is entered, scroll down to the payment section and fill in your payment details (Credit Card or PayPal).

Step 3:Under the payment section you will see 'Do you have any coupon code?'. Click on Enter it Here and enter a FastComet coupon code, then click Apply. Your subtotal should calculate to show a discounted total.

Once everything is filled in, just click Complete Order and you're all done!

FastComet Coupon Code Step 2

About FastComet

FastComet initially emerged as a small web hosting and system administration service for a handful of corporate clients. Since 2013 they've expanded their hosting services to over 50,000 personal, small business and large scale website clients.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, FastComet has a staff of over 70 employees and uses 11 high-end data centers distributed across the globe. The latest edition to this empire was added in 2020 and is located in Sydney, Australia.

FastComet Features

FastComet Hosting Features

Free Domain for Life

Most web hosting services charge once for domain registration and you have to annually renew this domain. But with FastComet, you only pay once for the domain as long as you use their hosting services.

If you only have 1 domain name and website, using FastComent has the advantage over renewing a domain every year with GoDaddy or other providers.

Guaranteed Server Resources

For hosting plans that share a server between customers, one bad apple can ruin the bunch. When a user abuses their resources other websites on the same server can become slow or unresponsive.

To combat this, FastComet allocates guaranteed resources for each client on the server. This way if the server is congested, your website can still load and function.

Choose your Datacenter

With FastComet you can choose from 11 data centers spread across 4 continents when purchasing a hosting plan.

As a general rule of thumb, always pick a data center that matches your target country or location. For example, if your website is selling products that you only ship within the US, you should pick a US based data center.

A data center that is close to your customers allows the website to load much faster. Data suggests that slow page loads can have a huge impact on website converstion rates (sales).

Free CloudFlare CDN

FastComet web hosting also provides access to Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) that ensures that your website loads quickly anywhere in the world. Your site will be replicated on various servers for this purpose.

They also have caching facilities that help to store the metadata of your website to help quickly load the page. Your website will not be stalled and your visitors will not face any issues while loading your website.

FastComet 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

FastComet provides a 45 day money back guarantee after installation if you are not satisfied with their service and packages.

This is highly beneficial for smaller businesses and single owners to test the hosting service before committing to long term plans.